Golf in the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida, passion for the green!


In this section visitors are invited to enjoy the greenness of the local territory, to breathe fresh air and to enjoy nature with all the family. In the Pyrenees and the Lands of Lleida playing Golf and Pitch & Putt is open to everyone!

Oh, and don't forget to observe the rules of etiquette when you are playing Golf:

Behaviour on the course

  • Respect the rules and other players.
  • Behave with discipline, showing courtesy and sportsmanship.
  • Don't play until you are sure that there is no-one near you.
  • Don't put off or distract other players. Show consideration to the other players on the course.
  • On the green, players mustn't stand in the line of other player's putts

Speed of play

  • Play at a good rhythm and keep to it so that you don't slow down other players.
  • When it is your turn to play, play as soon as possible. When you have completed a hole, leave the green immediately.
  • To save time, if you lose a ball, play with another provisional ball.
  • A group that is playing a full round has the right to go ahead of a group that is only playing a few holes.

Looking after the course

  • Before leaving a bunker or hole, players must tidy and/or repair it and replace any divots.
  • Take care to avoid causing any unnecessary damage to the green and replace the flag correctly before leaving the hole.

By following these tips, you will make the game more enjoyable for everyone!


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