The Lleida Pyrenees, one of the largest ski zones in Spain!

The 11 ski resorts of the Lleida Pyrenees offer you one of the largest skiable areas in the whole of Spain, with accommodation for over 30,000 visitors in hotels, camp sites, flats and rural houses located near the slopes..

The possibilities for enjoying the snow in the Lleida Pyrenees are immense. To the great variety of Alpine and Nordic skiing that these eleven centres offer in winter, it is necessary to add a wide range of ludic, sporting and leisure activities, offering something to meet all needs and budgets. Visitors can combine enjoying the local beauty spots with other activities including: snowshoe outings, dog-sleigh rides and excursions, snowmobiles, horse riding, quads, heliskiing and panoramic helicopter flights, amongst other options.


Offers from snow sector companies

The Pyrenees of Lleida are market leaders in snow activities from sports companies!

As well as ski resorts, the Lleida Pyrenees offer a wide range of activities organised by companies specialising in winter sports. Enjoy the snow and nature in total freedom and with the fullest of guarantees.


Where would you like to go?


What kind of activity?

High mountain ascents
Snowshoe biathlon
Diving under the ice
Inclusive circuits
Classes in different ski specialities
Driving 4x4s in the snow
Ice climbing
Ski school
Alpine skiing
Mountain skiing
Telemark skiing
Nordic skiing
Snow Rackets
Snow excursions
Expeditions and adventure trips
Snow training
Snow hockey
Interpreting tracks in the snow
Wildlife observation
Snowmobile outings
Photography routes
Sleigh outings
Snow surfing
Dog sleighs